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Layer: SDW.SDW.imgOrtho2019_10cm (ID: 1)

Sub Layers: Name: SDW.SDW.imgOrtho2019_10cm

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Type: Mosaic Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: Colour aerial photography at 1:10 000 scale of the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario taken in 2019 by First Base Solutions Inc. colour digital orthophotography was developed from these images. Orthophotographs combine the image characteristics of the photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. Orthophotography was developed for the entire region. The 2019 digital orthophotographs have a 10cm ground pixel resolution. The 2019 digital orthophotos were subdivided into 1 kilometre by 1 kilometre tiles and were delivered in georeferenced Geotiff image files. The image tiles are horizontally referenced to 6 degree UTM projection and NAD -83 datum. Vertical control datum is referenced to mean sea level as Bench Marks established by the Geodetic Survey of Canada (CGVD28). The images were later combined by municipality and converted into nine MrSid format images covering the entire region.

Copyright Text: © First Base Solutions Inc., 2019 Orthophotography

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Use Standardized Queries: true

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